Fist of Kitchen presents… Eat it: China!

Recooking "The Art of Chinese Cooking" by The Benedictine Sisters of Peking, 1956 | Remixed by Fist of Kitchen 2013


Beef with Peppers

book version

Beef with Peppers 牛肉炒辣子

no comments | 18 March 2013

Beef with Radishes

book version

Beef with Radishes 牛肉炒紅蘿蔔

no comments | 11 March 2013

Beef in Wok


The Clone Wars, Cow-Style 他們不都長得差不多


no comments | 7 March 2013

book version

Braised Ginger Mushroom Chuck 紅燒生薑蘑菇夾頭

no comments | 7 March 2013

fist of

Grilled Szechuan-Crusted Ribeye 烤架上 辛辣的 川菜地殼肋眼

no comments | 11 February 2013

book version

Beef with Mushrooms, Onions, & Ginger 牛肉 菇葱頭生薑

no comments | 14 January 2013